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“As always—excellent service, on time and pleasantly done.”

Anna L.

“I give the highest credit to Dr. Faull for restoring my hearing.”

Eleanor S.

“Excellent service, willing to make adjustments to suit client.”

Phil F.

“A wonderful meeting to review my hearing needs. Questions are answered and care for the particular needs for my hearing. Highly recommend the excellent care!”

Cynthia W.

“It was reassuring to know I can return for help, if needed. I am pleased with the hearing aids and the service.”

Howard B.

“Dr. Faull was very helpful and answered all of my questions.”

Phyllis S.

“Dr. Faull has improved my life by giving me back most of my hearing. Dr. Faull’s caring and expertise in the Audiology Field is beyond compare.”

John W.

“Always a pleasure to visit the office. Very helpful and I can hear!” Jim L.

“Dr. Faull works hard to accommodate little problems. She works well with patients’ difficulties.”

Lee H.

“Six months since wearing hearing aid and what an improvement to life. Quality also, wife says, what a “massive” improvement.”

David F.

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